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    Since 2007, the Ohio Workforce Coalition has been bringing together leaders from education and training institutions, economic and workforce development organizations, business and industry, labor, and human service providers. The Coalition promotes public policies that build the skills of adult workers, meet employer skill needs, and strengthen the workforce system to ensure opportunity and prosperity for Ohio families.

Update on Senate Extenders Bill

From the Center for Law and Social Policy on 6-24-10.

The Senate Finance Committee introduced a new version of the extenders bill last night.

We’re very pleased to see that there are no changes to the TANF Emergency Fund or summer jobs provisions.

There are some big cuts in the bill, compared to the last version. The FMAP increase would be phased out over the six month extension, reducing the aid to states.  In a new twist, the ARRA increase in SNAP (food stamps) would be ended as of June 1, 2014.  (Under current law, it’s supposed to stay in place until the value of regular benefits catches up to the increased benefit – which depends on the rate of inflation for food, but isn’t projected to happen until after 2014.)

Summary of changes at: http://finance.senate.gov/legislation/download/?id=2f2758ac-ba7f-41cc-bd1a-bfbdb05913f5

Bill text at: http://finance.senate.gov/legislation/download/?id=97d77aef-5485-4cf8-b280-0509e86575f5

The Senate is scheduled to vote on this no later than tomorrow, but they could move it up to today if they agree (which they might, since they’d like to get out of town for the weekend).  If the Senate passes it, the House is likely to take it up this week as well.

News articles suggest that the Senate leadership is still not certain that they have 60 votes.  The main targets appear to be Sen. Snowe and Collins, Sen. Nelson of Nebraska, and Sen. Lieberman.  If you have any ability to reach them, please do so.

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