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    Since 2007, the Ohio Workforce Coalition has been bringing together leaders from education and training institutions, economic and workforce development organizations, business and industry, labor, and human service providers. The Coalition promotes public policies that build the skills of adult workers, meet employer skill needs, and strengthen the workforce system to ensure opportunity and prosperity for Ohio families.

And they’re off…

Today is the first day in session for the 129th Ohio General Assembly.  I won’t send these all the time, but here’s what they (the House at least) introduced on day one…

*This information is available to you through a partnership with Gongwer Ohio.  To learn more, email rkusner@researchpartners.org.

HJR 1 JUDICIAL ELECTIONS (Huffman) To change the age at and after which a person may not be elected or appointed to a judicial office and to eliminate the authority of the General Assembly to establish courts of conciliation and to reappoint a Supreme Court commission.   Am. Sec. 6, Art. IV; Rep. Secs. 19 and 22, Art. IV, Ohio ConstitutionBill Text
HB 1 JOBSOHIO (Duffey) To authorize the Governor to create JobsOhio, a nonprofit economic development corporation.   Bill Text
HB 2 PERFORMANCE BUDGETING (Snitchler) To require performance budgeting by most state agencies and to require performance audits of those agencies   Am. 126.02 and 126.022; En. 117.46, 117.461 and 126.18Bill Text
HB 3 ESTATE TAX (Grossman) To repeal the estate tax for the estates of individuals dying on or after January 1, 2011.   Rep. 5731.02, 5731.19 and 5731.21Bill Text
HB 4 VEHICLE INSURANCE VERIFICATION (Huffman) To eliminate the financial responsibility random verification program of the Bureau of Motor Vehicles.   Am. 4509.101 and 4510.05; Rep. 3 of Am. Sub. SB20 of 120th General AssemblyBill Text
HB 5 COURT FEES (Huffman) To provide consolidated references to Revised Code sections that establish cost and fees, other than attorney fees, in the courts of record of this state.   En. 2746, 01, 2746.02, 2746.03, 2746.04, 2746.05, 2746.06, 2746.07, 2746.08 and 2746.09Bill Text
HB 6 DEPUTY REGISTRARS (Huffman) To require deputy registrars generally to accept debit cards by automated teller machines and to allow deputy registrars to accept debit cards and credit cards by other means, for all state-related transactions they process.   Am. 4503.102Bill Text
HB 7 POST-VIABILITY ABORTIONS (Fende) To revise the criminal laws governing post-viability abortions.   Am. 2305.11, 2307.52 and 2919.16; En. 2919.17 and 2919.18; Rep. 2919.17 and 2919.18Bill Text
HB 8 SALES/USE TAX (Blair) To increase the sales and use tax prompt remittance discount and to authorize a discount for prompt remittance of income tax withholding.   Am. 5739.12 and 5747.07Bill Text
HB 9 UNIFORM COMMERCIAL CODE (Coley) To adopt the revisions of the general provisions and documents of title portions of the Uniform Commercial Code that were recommended by the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws and to make related changes in the Uniform Commercial Code and the Revised Code.   Bill Text
HB 10 CONTAMINATED SITE REMEDIATION (Sears) To authorize refundable tax credits through 2017 for the completion of a voluntary action to remediate a contaminated site and for the return of such sites to productive use and to exempt persons through 2017 who have been issued covenants not to sue under the Voluntary Action Program for certain fees and penalties for one year after the issuance of such a covenant.   Am. 5747.98 and 5751.98; En. 3746.241, 5747.78 and 5751.54Bill Text
HB 11 PATIENT PROTECTION (Sears) To prohibit state departments and agencies from implementing or enforcing a provision of the federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act without meeting certain conditions.   En. 3901.711Bill Text
HB 12 MEDICAID SERVICES (Sears) To establish new requirements concerning services, providers, third-party liability, and reports for the Medicaid program.   Am. 5111.083; En. 5111.035, 5111.093, 5111.141, 5111.142 and 5111.165Bill Text
HB 13 MEDICAID PREMIUM ASSISTANCE (Sears) To require the Director of Job and Family Services to seek federal approval to create a premium assistance component of the Medicaid program.   En. 5111.862Bill Text
HB 14 VICIOUS DOG (Sears) To remove pits bulls from the definition of “vicious dog” in state law.   Am. 955.11Bill Text
HB 15 HIGHWAY NAMING (Sears) To require supportive resolutions from affected local governments to name highways by statute, to allow local governments to erect appropriate markers naming highways and to prohibit the use of state funds to erect new markers naming state highways.   En. 5533.00Bill Text
HB 16 SPEEDING VIOLATIONS (Sears) To prohibit a person from being arrested, charged or convicted for speeding on a public street, highway, private road or driveway based on a peace officer’s unaided visual estimation of the speed of a motor vehicle, trackless trolley or streetcar.   Am. 4511.091Bill Text
HB 17 WITHHOLDING CREDIT (Baker) To authorize a $2,400 income tax withholding credit for an employer that hires and employs a previously unemployed individual.   Am. 5747.07 and 5747.15; En. 5747.073Bill Text
HB 18 BUSINESS TAX CREDIT (Baker) To authorize a nonrefundable tax credit for a business that increases payroll and expands into a vacant facility.   Am. 5747.98 and 4751.98; En. 5747.81 and 5751.55Bill Text

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