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    Since 2007, the Ohio Workforce Coalition has been bringing together leaders from education and training institutions, economic and workforce development organizations, business and industry, labor, and human service providers. The Coalition promotes public policies that build the skills of adult workers, meet employer skill needs, and strengthen the workforce system to ensure opportunity and prosperity for Ohio families.

NSC Releases Undoing Success:

The Real Impact of Federal Workforce Development Funding Cuts on Jobseekers and Employers

Today, to educate policymakers, reporters, and the public of the consequences of cuts to federal employment and job training programs, the National Skills Coalition is releasing a new report, Undoing Success: The Real Impact of Federal Workforce Development Funding Cuts on Jobseekers and Employers.

The report examines Congress’ un-balanced approach to deficit reduction that has led to massive cuts to federal workforce development funding, and highlights the real consequences of these cuts on jobseekers and employers told through survey results and local impact stories.

According to the report, 93 percent of survey respondents saw federal funding cuts to their programs, even though 75 percent reported an increase in workers seeking employment and job training assistance, with over half seeing a 25 percent or greater increase in demand. As a result of these cuts:

  • Nearly 60 percent of respondents laid off staff;
  • Sixty-seven percent of respondents reduced the number of clients they have enrolled in job training programs; and
  • Over 20 percent of respondents have eliminated job training programs.

It is clear that funding cuts are already impacting our nation’s ability to ensure that our workforce is prepared for jobs today and in the future, and that employers have access to the skilled workforce they need to compete in the global economy. Under current law, these cuts will continue and deepen over the next decade unless Congress replaces the sequester with a balanced approach to deficit reduction. But Congress won’t act unless they understand the real consequences of these cuts. Congress needs to hear from you!

Here is what you can do:

*Share with NSC how federal funding cuts have impacted the jobseekers and employers served through your program.

*Write a letter to the editor or op-ed about how continued cuts threaten your program’s ability to provide life-changing employment and job training services for your community. Here are tips for writing a letter to the editor or an op-ed.

*Send your members of Congress the report. You can learn how to send the report to your Senators here and to your House members here. Please let
Angela Hanks know that you sent a copy of the report to your members of Congress at: angelah@nationalskillscoalition.org

*Meet with your members of Congress while they are at home during the August recess. Here are tips for setting up an in-district meeting.

*Share the report with your colleagues and ask them to take action!

With your help, we can stop Congress from continuing to threaten critical employment and job training programs with additional federal funding cuts.

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